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Everything is wrong now (and I tell ya... I'm not taking the blame here)

I went through a lifetime of dancing around this sickness, not that anybody actually reads this garbage (or cares enough to help).

I woke up today and said “no” to a world that insists on denying me my own self-worth. I’ve tried to be the good guy who helps, but today I’m a villain who’s happy.

Today I show this world that I’m allowed to hurt, but that doesn’t mean I’m not worth your time or money. 

Right now : I couldn’t imagine anything I’d rather do than keep this party going. Fuck you and your pathetic self-intolerance, I’m going to enjoy the shitty life I created while I still have it (tomorrow is dead for me ; the minute is now). Today I'll Take twenty minutes off my life and die at 8:07pm not 8:27pm. I'll be using that 20 minutes to feel alive again. 

I’m now walking around this pissy small town trying to relive a youth I thought missed out on. I now realise I’m younger than I was 5 years ago, but at least I’ve got more responsibilities (right?). 

I mean... I wish I had that...

I wish I had a hundred other moments to relive my mistakes and just a single moment to breath. 

I wish I had that kind of opportunity but instead I have this. Now : All these years later and I’m searching for a better life with 100% endorphins all the time.

What a dumb sick world I birthed myself into without a chance of perfection... and I'm still uncertain.

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