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RE: UNREGULATED CULTURE ABUSE. Walk through a hippy mosh pit (at a gig by some shitty folk band who plays gypsy hound tunes) and pretend like you have somewhere to be...

They never play the same set twice and they wear make up! Here... now.. We all sat watching pale people playing cultural appreciation with new wave face paint screaming out KISS me on my organs. 

Beast people and peso piles call themselves naturalists while poisoning themselves with legal highs, in an attempt to recapture the moment previous to the moment now. Watch as I try to induce a headache or possibly a brain bleed.

I returned back to my ranch, only to turn and coil in my own moment bending substance. Maybe I can indulge enough to bring myself into a space where I can appreciate their form of unregulated enjoyment. More likely, I’d find my self outta-place and surround by creatures who stimulate their profile without social regrets. No one would care if I lent back and fired silent intolerance directly at their (let’s face it) shit-ass-dirt behaviour. No one would care if I started dancing and vibrating so hard I ricochet from my person. No one cares. 

You’ll sometimes speak strange noises when you’re desperate. Kinda like a grating or maybe it’s a buzzing for some people (its personal). This noise (and other desperate noises) echo from these animals in high numbers like passion is their middle abbreviationZ. “How can we escape this moment?”

It would be nice if monkeys could chuckle but they only scream.

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