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Do the right thing or hold yourself responsible : I mean everyday...every minute. 

I’m a liar and I will smoke my bad emotion and cough up even worse behaviour. You’re too interested in the manipulation of comparing the good against the bad, but in comparison to other more interesting manipulators; you’re not that good... 

Pick your addiction I guess... I mean, without consideration or consequence (you don’t want to find yourself drifting near the appropriators). Don’t worry, you smell of clean healthy and your parents already died from THEIR bad behaviour just last week. Your life has been a pretty bad thing and you were not built to be around people. Pick an addiction which can address these factors and make sure you leave the room feeling accomplished without implementation. When given the opportunity, choose the “experience” over the “good and bad”. Never deny your senses the serious satisfaction they were built to be served.

I remember seeing you in that place people go when they don’t care enough or are simply looking for the easy exit. I remember you when you were giving up on that thing you were trying to accomplish. I remember you when you didn’t care enough about that thing which eventually broke down and suffocated. 

A farewell to tobacco : products of the official happiness guild : cough cough cough : wowed by the blue lights : cough cough : lie to the teachers : lie to the doctors : cough : why would I wanna spend time sniffing flowers anyhow? 

Spend an evening alongside the grave of your parents (spitting on the daises). Remember, your parents intended your eternity to be an axiomatic blur of thick anarchy. “Wow Mom! You look so cute this morning. Dad... I think you need a new job”. You turn away and walk home. Today you’ll take the long way and whistle a familiar tune your parents may have whistled. Maybe that whistle reminds you of your mother’s strength? Perhaps your father’s agility?

Go home and wash everything. 

What’s wrong with bathing everyday? I need clean to think before I’d even attempt to talk to these horrible people. I mean... they keep coming at me and I’m like, “yeah, I can help but it might take a while”. That’s obviously not very professional but this particular fussy customer couldn’t grip the pressure of service (laying down fields of suicide and leaving me looking for an easy exit). 

I removed my gullibility and smashed him in the eye. Yes, very funny isn’t it? What a thrilling performance by the two gentlemen who gave you “WE GAVE UP” and other televised cat and mouse routines. Now... join us to find out if these five girls will ever meet again.

We gave up and now we’re drifting into poacher territory : no end in sight.

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