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SUPERPINK is giving it away with their new single

Introducing... SUPERPINK... The best band you've probably never heard of but definitely need to. The team here at EZ HQ have been swooning over this band ever since we found 'em (which was only about a week ago honestly). Regardless, this band kicks ass. Plain and simple. Their latest single Give Her All You Got hits hard in all the right places... and when we say all the right places we really mean all "the right places"... ... we're talking about Star Trek references just to be clear.

By marrying elements of both modern and classic rock together, Superpink delivers an auditory experience that will lift you up with it's progressive soundscapes while knocking you down with it's nostalgic undertones. Their upbeat, eccentric, and catchy hooks land with the charm of a 70's garage band yet their sophisticated New Wave cheek solidifies their contemporary indie nature.

Superpink has begun the drive towards becoming something incredibly accessible, while still maintaining a firm grip on their humorous and creative integrity. Giver Her All You Got invites listeners back into his mindset where a very different landscape demands exploration. There's No Telling What Superpink Will Do So You Best Follow Them: SPOTIFY BANDCAMP INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK


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