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Where does the joke start and where does the joke end? Actually a better question: where does Ross end and where does Purdy begin? Actually scrap that... I take it all back.

Regardless of the poor introduction to this review, Ross Purdy's show "Hey Hey It's Doomsday" is an experience like no other. Considering Ross Purdy is a veteran in the industry with 20 years experience in comedy, it's no wonder that Ross Purdy's performances are as well-rounded as a slab of finely aged cheese. While I only just witnessed Ross Purdy's award-winning show, I must admit that I'm almost lost for words. You see, it's difficult to describe the transcending mind-bending and (at times) mesmerizing sensations that one might feel when seeing Ross Purdy live in person. From the moment I sat down in the front row until the moment I was asked to leave by venue management (that's a whole other story don't ask), I was swimming in a frenzied state of pure uninhibited... Laughter. That's right, you heard right... Good ol' fashion laughter. The same good ol' fashion laughter that your grandparents cackled back in the good ol' days.

The beauty of Ross Purdy's brand of surreal humor lies in the frustratingly complex and nonsensically ludicrous nature of each joke. At times you may find yourself asking, "where am I? ", yet this is all part of the bit. Its off-balance, chaotic, and you never really know exactly what is going on. Long story short, that's what makes Ross Purdy a really neat (and spiffy) comedian... The chaos is the art, and the unkempt comedy persona of Ross Purdy is sure to be as compelling as it is side-splitting.

Ross Purdy's assorted talents weave together in order to form an eccentric evening of quick wordplay, prop-based gags, character-driven shenanigans, and forth-wall-breaking references. Any fans of American anti-humor comedian Andy Kaufman will definitely be satiated by the great Ross Purdy.

Keep up with Ross Purdy's great work by visiting the links below or (even better) listen in to his groundbreaking podcast by clicking here x PURDY INSTAGRAM PURDY FACEBOOK PURDY YOUTUBE


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