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Straight Down The Middle With R&B Producer Onzieb

New York-based Music Producer/Songwriter Onzieb is here with some hot hits which we here at EZ think you might dig. Here's why...

Talented in multiple fields, Onzieb has established himself as both an composer, producer and songwriter. Stemming from an R&B/Pop background, his unique compositions have begun grabbing the attention of listeners around the globe. Onzieb's ability to combine catchy sounds and wildly accessible tones is a strength which Onzieb utilizes to the highest degree. This talent has opened a world of opportunity for Onzieb and his works have been previously licenced by brands including Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Wagamamas.

One songs in particular, “Meet Me In The Middle,” has made a large impression on the film industry. Most recently, "Meet Me In The Middle" has made an appearance on the popular U.S. Television Show “All American” for its 4th season. "Meet Me In The Middle” is a song that reaches both intrigue and inspiration, with a hint of pure melodic banger!

"All American" (Season 4) is currently available on Netflix, and is currently in the Top 10 TV Shows in the U.S.!

Be sure to keep up with Onzieb by following the links below: INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK SPOTIFY


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