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Wet your appetite with the new FancyNormal EP

Melbourne pop duo FancyNormal (aka Noni & Jules) are gearing up to release their debut EP Starters & Appetizers, and it’s a smorgasbord of 80s synth pop. Grab your flared jeans, put on your rollerskates and head down to the local discotheque – it’s time to dance. The duo have previously released singles Ultra Passion & Sober Spaceman, and Starters & Appetizers builds on the momentum of those releases. The five-track EP talks about topics like addressing depression, break-ups and struggling with social anxiety, but filters them through pop music that makes you want to move. No matter what dish you tend to choose off the music menu, FancyNormal have served up an EP to suit your taste buds.

Speaking about the EP, the band says it captures the emotions around growing up, and coming to understand love. “Starters & Appetizers is a recollection of growing up and what it was like trying to learn about love and a commentary of understanding yourself in the present. Sometimes the haziness of memory mixed with crisp emotions can create a sweet snapshot of something that was actually toxic. We can romanticize dysfunction but when you cut the BS out, you’re left with the heartbreak."

Channeling the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen, Ralph & M83 through their music, FancyNormal are looking to make 2021 a better year for anyone who listens to this EP, because it’s a whole lot of fun. Soundtrack your next night out with Starters & Appetizers, and get ready to boogie. CHECK OUT THESE NIFTY LINKS AND STAY UP-TO-DATE WITH FANCYNORMAL: PRE-SAVE STARTERS & APPETIZERS OFFICIAL WEBSITE YOUTUBE SPOTIFY INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK


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