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Egg Shells & Indiana Jones: What's Goin' On With BRANTON?

California writer, producer and singer Branton is stepping forward and breaking eggs (musical eggs that is). After attending a music school filled with EDM junkies (ICON Collective), Branton leaned into the 'black sheep' side of things, and started writing... drum roll... Indie-Pop Music. "I distinctly remember my fellow students, headphones cranked to max volume, breaking their necks to heavy dubstep. They'd look over, asking to to hear what I was working on, and I'd play them a soft, acoustic guitar track".

Following the first EP Eggshells released by Branton in September, many would comment "I listen to your music when I need to cry,". With this in mind, Branton's upcoming track Indiana Jones, was about tapping in to silliness and fun according to Branton himself. The story behind this track stems from Branton's Creative Writing class- "I was procrastinating heavily, and by time I got around to looking at the assignment instructions, I learned that I had 24 hours left to write, and record a song. Given the spirit of fall, I decided to write about a disastrous Halloween party and shared my process of laughing through my verse/chorus ideas on Snapchat. The story involves puke, partying, and 'candy in the bedroom'"

Fear not, Branton got an A on his final, and had so much fun writing the song that he decided to post my demo online. At first, he asked some buddies if they wanted to help produce it — unlike most Branton's songs where he often does everything myself. In this instance, Branton wanted this song to be a collaborative effort. Unfortunately, none of them got back to Branton (those bastards) so Branton found Luke Atlas (from the highly successful alt duo group, Coast Modern), and sent him the secret demo of Indiana Jones. Luke took a liking to it, and decided he wanted to helm the production.

Indiana Jones comes out November 11th. The Music Video for Indiana Jones is expected to drop early January 2023. EZ REVIEW: If you head Branton's previous releases such as Eggshells, you probably felt the plates shift a little. Maybe you heard it randomly rotated through your robotic overlord algorithm where it arrived without context or marketing. Maybe you heard it on a friend's IG story, where you the songs rattled around in a subtle gesture without you even realizing. Or maybe you (like me) are just hearing it for the first time, where it seemed like a cool breeze blowing through the intangible ache of mainstream music. You'd be forgiven if you thought Branton had been an indie music veteran with years of experience in the bizniz. His timeless sounds strike a nostalgic tone that lays smothered in a bed of 'Beck-esque' audio design. It’s difficult to pinpoint where the joke ends and the music begins when it comes to Branton. On one side, you’re brutalized by the strange experimental styling, yet the pop-indie charm keeps the ludicrousness at bay. Whether or not the eccentricity is an act (one suspects it isn’t), Branton is closer to Wildman Fischer than he is to MGMT. While the rest of the world anticipates and propagates regurgitated albums that resemble bootleg “Rubber Soul” or “Sgt Pepper” knockoffs, Branton seems to have put out a “Trout Mask Replica” instead.

The upcoming track “Indiana Jones” captures this exact experimental indie-pop conflict while leaning heavily into Branton’s innately humorous personality. While previous releases have seen Branton approach his music with a much more emotional tone, “Indiana Jones” steers the ship into vibrantly upbeat territory. It’s unclear where Branton will go next with his sound but we here at EZ HQ wait with anticipation. --



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