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Become a dreamer with Blow_Flyy

Blow_Flyy who Performs out of Toronto Canada, hails from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with a new thought process, he has his own unique style of the way he writes & Raps bars. Blow_flyy does it without rhyming, {"Where is it written or Who said, or for that matter, what hip-hop/rap Gatekeeper or Pioneer/Icon states, rhyming is a "MUST" in hip-hop to be Hip-hop or considered a quality entertaining hip-hop/rap artist"?} Blow_flyy does it differently than most rap artists you may hear today or at all for that matter, instead of Rhyming verse after verse which is usually the standard way to spit Bars or rap by most or all hip-hop/rap artists' he does not at all. Blow_flyy writes and spits his own unique style of Rap songs & Performing them, being a storyteller, with actual storytelling. Blow_flyy is currently Building on his Blow_flyy Brand, Grinding pursuing his rap music Goal as an independent artist. While many artists are looking & Chasing labels to be signed, Blow_flyy continually Grinds forward Building on his own Blow_flyy Brand in Partnership with his Longtime Manager...

As an artist who has mostly clean content, Blow_flyy has the potential to gain a lot of respect within the wide spectrum of the industry. Blow_flyy, with his unique brand of rap music, with less vulgar content than most of what you hear in today's rap, will appeal to rap music listeners of all ages & walks of life. With his Interactive energetic live Performances Blow_Flyy is destined to make a dent in the industry starting in Canada, UK the U.S., and then world-wide, definitely keep your eyes on this artist...Blow_flyy his long-time Managed by Gary Johnson Jr || email


Listening to Blow_Flyy, I felt whiplashed and beat-up by a rhythm of polarizing artistic contrasts. His bars are littered with first-person accounts of inspiring encouragement which are tethered back by isolated moments of suffering that feel both deeply personal and distant all at once. And then, before you know it, he spits out a beautifully constructed narrative and reframes the entire experience. Songs like "We're Both Dreamers" are perfect examples of Blow_Flyy's conflicting storytelling method... He’s an optimist operating in a pessimistic world, and the concept of love remains both an energetic motivation and a struggle. As a vocalist, Blow_Flyy is more broadly emotive and consistently animated than other artists in his respected field. Blow_Flyy's deliveries are dramatic, his pianos jazzy, and his poetic concepts are emotional; as if he were narrating a film plot. In the midst of the musical arrangement, Blow_Flyy's well-worded raps split through and communicate very personal recollections which dwell on human existence, sexuality, failure and conquest.

While much has been made in the way of Auto-Tune, Blow_Flyy can be credited as an artist who doesn't saturate his vocals with these particular effects. Instead, he relies on his natural abilities and only deploys audio effects to lure audiences in, underscoring melodies or cutting atonally against them. Broken into distinct elements, Blow_Flyy's rapped verses would seem more conventional than they finish up being. Some of these verses are ordinary and jarringly don't rhyme at all. Yet at other times, his words bounce back and forth in flawless rhythmic ease. Then there’s the level of detail he brings to his records. Blow_Flyy thinks on his feet the way you imagine a spy would, although his attention to details appear too organized to be called improvisational... As I said, the man is a consistent artistic contrast.



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