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Take a look... How do you see Blind Season?

"This song tuned out a lot different than how I originally planned it to. It’s a very funny and

sarcastic take on a serious situation that I shouldn’t have been in with someone. I had to find a way to make it light-hearted and this seemed like the best way. Looking back now I just laugh".

Rock and Roll and turbulent relationships have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. The origins of Blind Season are no different. Beginning with a rag tag group only forming through the means of owning instruments, and an evening involving the smashing of a mutual friend’s car. Blind Season had undergone 5 different incarnations until Shane Sigro the founding guitarist was faced with the ultimate decision between succumbing to normalcy or proving the previous members wrong. Choosing the latter, Sigro doubled down by taking vocal lessons and penning the new music that would breathe life into the new era of Blind Season. Blind Season’s upcoming album is an ode to loneliness and toxicity that feel as if they were ripped from Billy Corgan’s Diary and featured in a film by Tim Burton. With the current questionable climate of the world there’s no question that this album will find its proper home and become a sign of the times.

EZ REVIEW: Sad, depressed, contempt, inspired, anticipation, optimism, joy, despair, ugly, beautiful.

This contradictory list is my personal summary and interpretation of ‘How They See You’. With a strange sense of conflict and an overwhelming nostalgic vibe, Blind Season delivers yet another poignantly emotive number.

Although, How They See You was conceived on a satirical and comedic foundation, it’s easy to take the lyrics at face value- which is what I love about this tune. The subtle jabs and sly humor is easily misinterpreted during the first listening which leaves this particular song open for an eventful second play filled with unexpected lyrical details.

In the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to review quite a few Blind Seasons tracks and I’m always amazed by the forceful nostalgia that- at times -feels as sharp as a cold pick under my toenail. I can’t tell whether it’s the music or it’s the attitude but I’m consistently haunted by a mysterious and unexplained sense of déjà vu that furiously draws me back to the 90s. In saying that, the music doesn’t shy away from modern dynamics and openly strikes an innovative tone which kicks all that nostalgia directly in the face. In some bizarre way, Blind Season has found the perfect balance between the past vs future, sad vs happy, and death vs life.

Dismissing the hard-hitting emotive seams which stitch this track together, How They See You is a masterful composition bursting with musical talent. From the vocals to the bass, everything Blind Season does is crafted with passion and skill. Regardless if their innate retro rock tone speaks to you on an emotional level, no one can deny the ability of Blind Season. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... these mother fuckers can play. TASTY LINKS: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER SOUNDCLOUD SPOTIFY


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