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Blind Season gives us One Final Goodbye

"This song was the last song written in the drunken, sad trilogy, and funny enough this song takes longer to play than it did to write. Music and lyrics came almost instantly and it was me excepting that I didn’t need that toxic situation and I was forcing myself to be happy I was out of it. It’s a triumphant ending for this mini story within the album, and I thank the universe for this song".

EZ REVIEW: Turn that shitty radio off and fill your ears with the sweeeet noises provided by the always energetic and emotionally poignant Blind Season. They’re back (here now) and ready to lather you up, knock you down and bend you over with their latest track One Final Goodbye.

Now... We’ve had the unmitigated pleasure of reviewing other hot tracks by Blind Season previously (see here) and I gotta say...we here at EZ approve. Straight of the bat, you’ll surely take note of Blind Seasons' distinctly identifiable sound; a sound you could only compare to early Radiohead or maybe Depeche Mode (Depeche Mode’s modern stuff not their angsty cheesecake 80s trash).

One Final Goodbye drops as a contrasting force that preaches lyrical triumph married with a melancholy presentation. Excuse my French but these motherfuckers know how to bring the finesse. Like previous works by Blind Season, One Final Goodbye is focused on presenting an emotional narrative that draws from the artists' personal experiences. If you're looking for cheap empty music, this isn't for you.

As a dirty personal experiment, I decided to blast this little ditty at my sweethearted cookie-baking grandmother... you know, just to see if I could scare her into the grave. To my shock, she digs it which means one of two things... 1. Blind Season are timeless indie heavy metal Mozarts or 2. My grandma is an undercover punk... shit, maybe it’s both!

Do yourself a favor and eat this noise.

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