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Africali hits back hard with African Gold

AfriCali started out as a journey of a young man born in Lesotho who was inspired by Hip Hop music and sampling beats in the 90's. It was here that he realized he needed to find or flip a bassline, clean up and separate keys using synths and 808's... that made sense. This consequently led to live Music curiosity. In doing festivals and spending most of my life in the NorCal Music Scene, I dived into a variety of music cultures and genres since the creative music universe is so clutch up there. In touring and doing spot dates for heavyweights, I learned to get into the live music scene since I found myself having to hire musicians who are Fresh as Fu(n)k and who could elevate or vibe with me for live shows. In studying, the likes of Fela Kuti, Grateful Dead and The Music Gods lead us to this AfriCali chapter in sound.

Check out more of AfriCali using the links below:


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