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Adam Plant Is a Garbage Human Who Makes Sound

Artist and Composer Adam Plant is working a new album and it's better than his last garbage album "Just Another Generic Album Title" but it's still pretty much the same garbage just done better. The upcoming album "Lets Talk About Yer Ugly Children" is a social comment on the extremist society we currently live under. With a selection of songs that focus on fun themes such as drinking, 9-5 jobs, PC warriors, accidental incest, killing your grandmother and much more. While Adam's last album saw him take the role of not only the singing and composing but also the producing and instrumentation; "Lets Talk About Yer Ugly Children" features over 25 session musicians who were tricked into bringing this music to life. If you're still invested, a feature orchestral piece is available below for your scummy little ears...

Be sure to boost Adam's ego by vising the links below: OFFICIAL WEBSITE INSTAGRAM


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