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OLI makes using hurt in the best way possible

Continuing a run of graceful and deeply emotive singles, London based singer/songwriter OLI will release ‘Cry’ on November 26. It will be followed by a video by Gabriella Salonga and Heini Susanne. Salonga has also created the surreal new visuals, artwork and photos for OLI’s current releases.

Beginning with OLI’s irresistible vocals and gently crescendoing synths, ‘Cry’ implores the therapeutic benefits of crying to help make sense of our problems. “I specifically wanted ‘Cry’ to focus on that numb feeling, when you’re unable to even process your emotions and let them go.” OLI explains, “The constant back and forth of knowing something isn’t right inside but wanting to keep going and not seem weak. I’ve always felt crying in general is underappreciated.” Be sure to check in with OLI by using the links below: INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK SPOTIFY


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