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Charlie Visconage

Charlie Visconage, a self-taught artist in Washington, DC, started expressing himself on stage with improvisational comedy and later in his own late-night talk show, "The Charlie Visconage Show".  Through a combination of building the show on his own and interviewing many DC-area artists as guests on the show, Charlie decided to switch gears and begin creating his own visual art when the show ended in late 2013. Charlie’s paintings explore a range of American pop culture subjects: movie scenes, politicians, musicians, animals, visions of the future, magazine ads, and comic book panels. Each painting features a piece of text related to the image, sometimes describing the image, sometimes based on a related bit of overheard conversation.

Charlie wakes up at 5 AM daily to paint at his studio space at DC Arts Studios in Takoma Park, Washington, DC. When traveling, Charlie also creates smaller works based on conversations overheard at bars and restaurants. Charlie’s work has been featured in galleries in Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. In 2016, Charlie completed several large-scale murals at the Washington, DC bar, The Passenger. His first major solo show, Cool Guy Alert!, opened January 4, 2018. OFFICIAL WEBSITE INSTAGRAM


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