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Helen Lack

Helen Lack is a contemporary artist working in the UK and producing large format and statement art. She has a unique style which is energetic, individual and vibrant with an urban edge. Her work has been described as having a richness of colours with a Pollock style, depicting the Abstract Expressionist movement. This has created a significant level of interest amongst galleries, buyers of collectors as well as a healthy demand by companies requesting ‘office art’.

By combining many layers and thick brushstrokes using mixed media and the drip technique, she conveys emotion in all her works which is received by the viewer as intriguing and involving.

Her works are inspired by current events and environmental concerns, showing passion, vibrancy as well as reflection and colour to her audience.

Helen Lack has displayed her collections in contemporary shows, collaborated with other artists and curated her own solo exhibitions which has attracted media influence in the UK and Europe to much acclaim.

Her works have been exhibited in many prestigious galleries in London and New York, creating a truly international appeal. In addition, one prestigious gallery has asked for her works in Italy to very high profile collectors. INSTAGRAM


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