John-Ross Boyce (alias Dawg Hands), is an artist, musician, filmmaker, and writer who has worked with the likes of  Sego; Drew Danburry; Mary Ocher; and Rebecca Thomas, among others. He has created artwork for musicians all over The U.S.A.  and has played in The Funny Uncles, Fiends in Human Shape, and John-Ross Boyce & His Troubles.

Born and raised as a Mormon in a rice-farming town outside of Houston, Texas Boyce served for two years as a missionary in the Italian Alps instead of attending college. Then, something went terribly wrong. He now lives in Provo, Utah with a witch and his two cats, Vonnegut and State Detective Rustin Cohle. He works full- time as a Professor of Janitorial Theory and can recite an endless stream of Snapple facts about cult leaders, serial killers, and Sasquatch. INSTAGRAM