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Armond Jerry

Armond Jerry was born the world best artist. he grew up in a place just near place called MONO LAKE. Amond often referes to himself as moman \ a populart cook who drinks at work and pay will give out back rubs for feet rubs,.

Armond Jerry began his art career at the age of 09. His first project was a painting intitle "Even After I Returned, I Could Never Recapture That Same Feeling". The small Painting was painted in blue with deep yellow streeks. The blue represented his passion for art and the yellow defined a breaking point in his artistic identity.

This yellow formula he called "Yeelow" was a combination of multiple yellow shades mixed together; anlongside an extra secret color.

Armond has never revealed the true formlua combination to the public and still to this day, art enthusiasts are scratching there heads to find out what makes an Armond Original. Armond is currently working on his debut novel "Simple Edd Gien"


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