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Get your Yzhood fix with the new single "Addiction"

EZ REVIEW: Addiction. Addiction. Addiction. What’s your addiction? Maybe it’s something serious like a spoonful of powder up the nose. Perhaps it’s something promiscuous like a weekly one-night-stand routine. Then again, maybe it’s as old fashion as a caffeine-based lifestyle mixed with a bit of morning nicotine for good measure. Then again, you might be a music junkie looking for your next hit single. Well we’ze got the cure that will surely satisfy your withdrawals. Yzhood is here and his powerfully addictive beats are pumping out a furious rush with the latest single ‘Addiction’. Now let’s make this clear... Our team here at EZ are absolute lyric lovers. Anything grossly poetic is gonna hit us hard in the chest cavity and we adore motherfuckers who spit thicc slick rhymes. I mean shit son, give us the opportunity and we’ll deconstruct “Mary Had A Little Lamb” in order to find a deeper political or social meaning. However It’s always a dangerous (dangerous) game when you read “too far” into rap beats, and it’s difficult to ascertain whether the lyrical charm is factual, satirical, metaphorical, or something entirely different. With a venomous sense of authority, Yzhood preaches the world of toxic consumption. From money to relationships to power, Yzhood packs a mammoth narrative punch and tears apart the salty-sweet details of living a life based on ego and greed. As we enter a new world based on noxious social media and endorphins dependency, Yzhood’s Addiction cuts deep and opens a discussion about the nature of modern human mentality. Regardless of all the lyrical factors, Yzhood delivers a fast-paced tune mixed with some beautifully epic overtones that communicate a unique and rarely seen character. Rap beats and techno-based songs often fall into a stereotypical audio blackness that lacks any distinctive musical quality. However, Yzhood drops this ho-hum sense of conformity and instead furnishes his sounds with a vicious and powerful spirit that compliments the potent lyrical aroma. Feed your addiction and keep up to date with Yzhood by following the links below: SPOTIFY YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER SOUNDCLOUD


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