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Celebrate the artistic history of Athens with singer Vicky Moscholiou

Vicky Moscholiou was a Greek singer from the Metaxourgeio district in Athens. Although Moscholiou is relatively unknown to the majority of western audiences, she captivated her home country with her unbelievable talents, beautiful voice, and songwriting abilities. Born in 1943, her first major musical success came in 1965 with the song entitled "A Star Falls, Falls". Moscholiou's career continued to exapand during the following decades as she released hit after hit including "Go, Go", "Bum", "This Is Life", "The Dawn", and "Lonely People". Moscholiou's cultural impact and historical significance further became apparent as two Athens nightclubs would eventually be named after her songs "Deilina" and "Ximeromata".

Vicky Moscholiou's is not only a fabulous musician but also an example of courage and bravery in the face of the Greek Junta dictatorship. While other prominent figures were suffocated by the cultural and political regime, Moscholiou spoke freely and expressed her beliefs without hesitation. This undoubtedly paved the way for the current emerging Greek artists who now have an opportunity to bring their creativity to life.

Although Vicky Moscholiou passed away in 2005, her reputation lives on as an example of Athens' incredibly unique culture. Moscholiou's career is an amazing tale which perfectly embodies the talent and vibrancy of Greece both past and present. While many western audiences often overlook the Greek arts and music, it should be apparent that this wonderful country continues to produce new artistic wonders which will emerge as time goes on. If you haven't already, we here at Eezy Sleez encourage you to take a look at the gorgeous music, arts, and festivals which are currently happening in this gorgeously creative country.


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