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N2BLÜ welcomes us to the Unicorn Tribe

Unicorn Tribe is about embracing what makes YOU different and special. We may

not always be understood or appreciated for who we are or what we offer the world,

but as long as we are true to who we are that’s all that matters. We need to break

down the constructs and barriers that tell us who we are supposed to be and

embrace who we are. That’s what being part of the Unicorn Tribe is all about!

EZ REVIEW Here we are at the end of 2020. The world is in shambles and our designated leaders are bitterly scrambling to preach nonsense and phony rights. If that doesn't get you down, try tuning into yer television (if you still have one). You'll surely be greeted by a wholesome level of syndicate advertising telling you what you aren't or what you oughta be. It seems freedom of character, personality, and human acceptance are nothing more than a cheap commodity these days. Take a quick squiz and you'll notice that the moral of "being special" is something lost in mainstream media. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. To be blunt... THIS IS A BAD THING. Looks like you'll need to take a slightly alternate route if you wanna get content that gives back more than just bogus judgment and mindless ear-candy. Luckily for you, we've got the cure to what ails you. The always exquisite N2BLÜ is here to welcome us with their new single Unicorn Tribe. Mixing thick pop beats, sly mixing techniques and an avalanche of character building positivity; N2BLÜ takes us on a vivid dance-orientated auditory journey. Lyrically speaking, Unicorn Tribe comes in heavy with a morally buoyant theme of staying true to the person you are... and let's get real... everyone's weird in their own way and we should be probably accept that. Obviously, if you're a pessimistic human who enjoys the sick satisfaction of indulging in sad'n'bad fads, this level of upbeat optimism might not mesh with your gloomy demeanor. Then again, it might very well be the uplifting swing you need to find comfort when looking in the mirror. From a musical perspective, Unicorn Tribe is dripping in bubbly sounds which only emphasizes the lyrical landscape of cheerfulness. It would take a person of stone not to feel reinvigorated after listen to this banger beat.

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