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Triple hitter with Tayong's new EP TRIO

Tayong is a Hip Hop artist hailing from Luton, UK. Thanks to his determination and talent Tayong has worked alongside some of Rap's legends, Erick Sermon produced the track 'No Fear' for his most recent Album ''INCIPIENCE''. He has worked closely with Wu Tang engineer Josh Gannet and collaborated on several songs with Black The Ripper before his untimely passing. Musical integrity and artistry is something that Tayong values highly as he engineers all of his own music and writes every lyric he raps, an accolade that not every artist can claim. To pinpoint Tayong's sound is something very difficult to do, although clearly old school inspired his music , it's far more than that. As there are elements of 90's/00's Rnb, grime in it's heyday and boom bap. A multi talented artist able to sing and rap over any beat with the ability to keep the listener engaged for an entire project without the need for any features. There is no 'Strongest' element to his music as every area is as strong as the next. He flows effortlessly over any beat and consistently switches the flow making no two verses the same. Tayong is an artist filled with integrity and diversity, if his accolades to date are anything to go by, his music will continue to impress and inspire. With plans to release countless more music in 2021, there will be something for everyone. Whether the subject matter is inspirational or features his endearing arrogance, Tayong will have a unique way of engaging his audience.

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