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Tanja Carol Leads YOU into Paradise

Tanja was born into a musical family in 1991. As a child at the tender age of four, her parents prescribed her violin lessons, knowing full well the love for music that slumbered in their daughter. In her school days, Tanja was rather reserved and quiet, yet singing offered itself as an ideal balance to passionately come out and express her personality.

As a 14-year-old, she was in the audience seven times when Tony Manero sang to the hearts of his loved ones in the musical "Saturday Night Fever". Later - in the opera, she cried just as big tears in “Aida” with the exiled lovers, as in the cinema with “Mandela - the long way to freedom” or “Cry Freedom”, the drama about Steve Biko. Music films like “Step up” in 2006 or “Pink Floyd - The Wall” were a must for Tanja. In the two years from 16 to 18, she gained her first stage experience live on stage and even then convinced the audience with ingeniously sung cover songs.

Singing remained in focus, followed by singing lessons and vocational training with singer and vocal coach Sharon Harris in Basel. Tanja was and still is today, open and ready to be touched by the great feelings that art and of course life often throw in our way without being asked. Not that something like that would make life easier, on the contrary. Nevertheless, and precisely because of that: Tanja dedicated her heart to singing and wished for nothing more than that there would be no way around it in the future. And sometimes wishes come true, also and especially gladly via many detours.

EZ REVIEW: It would be easy to say “Oh this is just another squeaky clean pop diva or maybe a Lady Gaga-Miley Cyrus clone”, but that would be a fickle-minded naive statement that doesn’t appreciate the underlying subtlety of Tanja Carol’s charm. With this in mind, we’ve dived deep into her universe and ascertained that the significance of her performances, sounds, and fashion goes much deeper than what is immediately apparent. Firstly, Carol is definitely not a diva and definitely not afraid to throw creative caution to the wind; ultimately falling into an artistically diverse domain that combines cutesy flair, bubbly pop antics, and gritty turbulence. However, these attributes would be nothing without the vocal talents to back them. Fittingly, Carol executes a staggeringly dynamic performance; conducting her expressive vocal skills in a plenitude of rich facets.

On the surface, Carol doesn’t go against the grain and willfully follows popular music trends. Though underneath the superficial flesh of her performance, she doesn’t seem interested in imitating popular artists. Instead, Carol manipulates the current music trends to drive listenability with a self-awareness that shrieks an inimitable personality. Once you realise these ideals, it becomes apparent that she is subtly shaking the boat in a sly and indirect manner much like an auditory secret agent.

From a visual perspective, there’s a lot to unpack. Carol’s vibrancy is bizarre, theatrical, and erratic yet tethered by an underlying sense of artistic self-awareness which communicates an intentional quirky tone that steers clear from disillusioned arty-farty ideals. From the opening scene to the final second, visual stimuli flood each shot; ultimately adding appropriate energy to the overarching theme without ever becoming overtly overwhelming, distracting, or difficult to consume on a conscious or conceptual level. Carol's ability to mix'n'match contradictions is a marvelous example of talent and style. Some may interpret her as a cutesy diva while others would perceive her performance as a more powerful and dramatic display of fiery exuberance. For us, we view Carol as a true artist who is establishing a brand based on authentic personality and a passion for creativity.


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