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I have trouble with my arts. I currently prepare for my solo exhibition but there are a lot of things that hits me so bad. Which is pornography, religion, culture, etc. You know, I am sick of it! I don't mean to fight against them. Just express me through the arts. I create the Demit for example, I was disturbed by people who always blamed for all bad things happen to them. Someday, my brother died in a traffic accident and the people who hit him, he said he was unconscious and didn't watch my brother ride through him. He said like see a Demit (demon). It was at night, he said try to make it sense and be sorry. Do you feel that? Then I heard that somewhere in Thailand if you did something wrong (crime) in this case you are possessed by a demon you free to go. Out of human law. But it is a higher level of law. Yes, I know what you think. So do I. Back to my problem is when I wanna do my exhibition of the Demit, the people said it is inappropriate! It is porn! It's a sin! Big sin! I have no backup, intelligence is not enough for them. Just violence. They don't really care about what I am trying to tell them through my arts. They see what they see. Like I said, I really not agree if there is any mistake in what people do they always blame it on Demit (demon). So through my words and illustrations. I wanna ask people to think again and ask for ourselves that everything we do has a consequence and all about it is came from us. Not the others. You are your own demon. INSTAGRAM


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