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Save Yourself with Blind Season

"The song Save You is (musically) the simplest song on the album, and as a completed song it sat around for years. It’s about a long distance relationship that didn’t work out. It comes across powerfully though and I’m proud of that"

EZ REVIEW: You could describe most love songs as a simple sleezy throwaway genre which rehashes the 1950s doowop formula of "I took my baby out to a milkshake bar and we held hands in the back of my dads Chevy". It's this kind of lazy writing which plagues every generation and commercially thrives due to its easily consumed and relatable human characteristics. Go ahead and turn on your radio to the most generic pop station you can find and I bet you that within the next three songs, at least one will be about romance or heartbreak. While some love songs mighty be catchy or fun (much like an STD), the vast majority are reworked do-overs that rely purely on unoriginal concepts. I guess it must take a really spiffy and innovative band to whip together a love song that doesn't suck.... *Drum Roll* .... *Enter Blind Season*.

That's right, you heard right! The boys from Blind Season are back and guess what... They made a love song that doesn't suck so shut up, sit down, let me set the mood for ya and I'll explain why.

From the electric opening notes played with thunderous enthusiasm to the bashing crashing drums that rain down like hail; the crying noise which is 'Save You' shatters open with a potent declaration of shock, grief, and pride. While the band themselves have spoken momentarily on their musical incentives; as an outsider peeping through the bathroom window of their creativity, my pleasure branches from their mix'n'match genre-bending design which unpredictably ties boyish heavy metal grit with love-sick poetry. It's like taking desolate post-punk principles, dressing them up in a confronting cacophony of poetic formality, spraying goth mascara on their face for good measure, before wrapping them all up and taking them out for a night at the finest opera. To summarize, it's a vision which owes so much to the golden oldies era of love songs yet it stands alone as something totally fresh. SAVE YOURSELF WITH THE LINKS BELOW: FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER SOUNDCLOUD SPOTIFY

LETS TALK ABOUT BLIND SEASON: Rock and Roll and turbulent relationships have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. The origins of Blind Season are no different. Beginning with a rag tag group only forming through the means of owning instruments, and an evening involving the smashing of a mutual friend’s car. Blind Season had undergone 5 different incarnations until Shane Sigro the founding guitarist was faced with the ultimate decision between succumbing to normalcy or proving the previous members wrong. Choosing the latter, Sigro doubled down by taking vocal lessons and penning the new music that would breathe life into the new era of Blind Season.Blind Season’s upcoming album is an ode to loneliness and toxicity that feel as if they were ripped from Billy Corgan’s Diary and featured in a film by Tim Burton. With the current questionable climate of the world there’s no question that this album will find its proper home and become a sign of the times.


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