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Underneath Nico Fox's Real Clothes

Real Clothes is the solo project of Haitian-American performer Nico Fox. From the rustic folk rock beginnings in rural Virginia, it has shifted into an avant-garde dark pop sound with glittering synths and haunting vocals. Using guitars, keys, and various DAWs, her albums are self-produced and world-inspired with themes ranging from loss to love, war, death, and absolution. Currently, she has created four distinct sounding albums over the span of 5 years: Object-Oriented (2015), Modulation (2016), Apotheosis (2019), and the most recent Precaution (2020). These can be streamed worldwide via Spotify, Bandcamp, Anghami, Pandora and wherever you get your music. Click here to listen to the latest track TAIPING REBELLION on Spotify now or Visit the REAL CLOTHES website for more information and music


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