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Peter Vianen

Peter Vianen has an MA in Philosophy from Leiden University and a BA in Fine Arts from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Vianen focuses on the production of comics, poetry, and music; often all brought together in the form of artist books. In his work, Vianen explores the myriad ways text and images can interact in order to subvert, contradict and reconstruct meaning; especially within the comic format. Many works involve esoteric experiments with language and collage techniques.

Further sources of inspiration are Nordic myths, Roman-Catholic doctrine, and the philosophy of language. His interest in historical linguistics and medieval culture has led Vianen to invent ‘Aengluetz’; a mixture of 11th century Old English and Old Dutch with an idiosyncratic grammar. One particular feature of Aengluetz is that its speakers express themselves through heavy metal lyrics. Vianen has put out several zines and currently publishes comics in KUTLUL; The Netherlands’ foremost underground comics zine. 

Peter Vianen often works under the name of Pierrot Vianoupoulos. OFFICIAL WEBSITE INSTAGRAM


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