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Experience the future of music with OH WELL

Chicago-based artist Ryan Oswell is best known for his music under the alias Oh Well. Earlier this year, Oh Well premiered his latest electronica single, “Lost Time Traveler”. The song is a loud and energetic concept which outlines the fantastical story of a man who wishes he could go back in time to a world when things were simpler. The single follows the recent release of his 4-track EP, Insomnia. EZ REVIEW:

Lyrics are often dismissed in contemporary music and instead substituted for cheap rhyme schemes which make little sense. This is absolutely NOT the case with Lost Time Traveler. Oh Well's lyrical songwriting approach is wonderfully utilized to outline a vivid storyline while also taking the opportunity to make comment on the current state of our collective reality. This is all perfectly captured alongside a futuristic musical composition which compliments the lyrical elements. It's not often I use the word "fun" to describe a song but I can't describe it any other way. From start to finish, Lost Time Traveler is an imaginative journey so vivid that it could easily fit into a theatrical performance.

“Lost Time Traveler” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Oh Well on Instagram or YouTube for more information on future releases.




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