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NatStar drops supreme single BBL

BBL is a new single from well-known hip hop artist, NatStar. This track is slick and has hit written all over it. A lot of songs have meme-worthy or marketable titles, but BBL backs it up with top notch production, good music and a straight up performance.

The sonic clarity is excellent. This seriously sounds better than most major label hip hop releases. There’s not not even a trace of anything abrasive in the mix. NatStar’s delivery is tight and businesslike as he manages to rap about the salacious subject matter is a cool and professional tone. He keeps a good poker face throughout the track. The timing with the vocals and the beat is razor sharp. You really can’t ask for much more. BBL is a song that’s dialed into contemporary pop culture, and this jam definitely has the ingredients to take off.

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