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mehro's hot tune 'Like You're God' will take you to nirvana

mehro is a mysterious character that is masked in mystery. Usually, we here at Eezy Sleez like to do a bit of a 'background check' on each artist we feature. mehro is a different case however... mehro is an expert of vagueness. No matter how hard we try, we can't track down much personal information that could shed light on this wonderful musician. Instead, we're greeted with strange one-liners and short poetic statements which we are riddled across mehro's socials. You would think all this was a bit annoying yet we found the mystery adds another depth of intrigue. The music is already gorgeous with outstanding emotional value and creative originality. However, mehro's mysterious persona establishes another deeper level of haunting fascination. Thanks to some deep diving, we know that mehro is based in Los Angeles, loves to cook, and wants to write a book. With all this in mind, we give mehro a thumbs up for both his music and his seemingly non-existent existence. Check him out by heading over to his Spotify, YouTube, or Instagram


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