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Explore ANOTHER WORLD with Chris Luciani

New Jersey rocker Chris Luciani, founder, and leader of the hard rock band LUCIDITY, and his label Precision Records have formally announced the release of a brand new solo side-project for the artist. ANOTHER WORLD is the eponymous debut single from his solo album of the same name which will be made available on July 29th, 2022. An inquisitive composition that not only externally asks the age-old question of, "Is there really anyone out there?" but also the self-doubting inner conundrum of, "Is there really anyone in here?" Some of the conclusions Luciani arrives at are sure to unsettle quite a few who hear this song.

ANOTHER WORLD is a guitar-driven foray into the world of hard rock music. Chris works with a flesh and blood ensemble of live musicians who come together to help him forge molten lyrics and metal riffs together to allow the artist to get the heavy edge into the track and take it into the realm of mainstream active rock.

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