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Journey Through The Jungle With Kemper Grant

Oklahoma artist, Kemper Grant has released the album, Jungle, to kick off his promising career. The 8-track album shows off Kemper Grant’s multi-faceted talents. Sounds on the song range from an upbeat and energetic to smooth and mild, from pleasant-sounding harmonics to ’80s disco. The variety of songs and sounds on this album makes it easy for everyone to vibe well with it. Jungle is available now on all major platforms. Follow Kemper Grant on Instagram or visit his website for more information on the rising artist and his future releases.

EZ REVIEW It seems that the Lo-fi genre is a bit played out these days and has become as generic as Kleenex. Statistically speaking, the average human is exposed to at least 234.7 ho-hum Lo-fi sounds per day... obviously this is a gibberish fake statistic but I'm trying to make a point about how ordinary and dull the genre has become in recent years. As you might expect, It's not the genre which produces this crisis but the artists who lack any creative drive and superficially mimic whoever (and whatever) they please. Thankfully, there's always a select few artists who take a wholesome step towards originality and innovation; case in point being Kemper Grant's latest album Jungle. Now if this is your first introduction to Kemper Grant, you're in for a tasty treat filled with gooey beats. Jungle is a lovingly conflicting platter of vintage sounds, modern noises and trendy turns. Standout tracks like Blind and Round-a-Bout capture a classic R&B funk style which is emphasized and contemporize by a fashionable fresh spin. This is well contrasted by songs such as Uber Ride To Cry which branch out into a Vaporwave style jam reminiscing the thick nostalgia of early 80's synth. The show-stopper final track The Image drops in as a heavy hitter and sits excellently as a closing number which absolutely completes this wonderfully orchestrated album. It's difficult to pin-point exactly what the musical landscape of this album truly is as it leaps between a diversity of Soul, R&B, Vaporwave, Rap, Pop and Funk. However, if any of these niche genres speak to you, you will NOT be disappointed by Jungle. Get lost In The Jungle Using The Links Below: Official Website Instagram Spotify Linktree


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