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Jonny Perrins got us in a daze

Jonny Perrins is a London based singer songwriter making outsider music. Jonny maintains a melodic and introspective approach to songwriting, aiming to stand out from the crowd and grab your attention. Every song is a sing along, with infectious hooks galore, sprinklings of punk lairyness and an aching will to be heard.

Jonny's new single MR CRAZY DAZE is a mash up of classic sounds mixed with innovation that brutalizes conventional punk techniques and instead leans towards a unique tone. At times, Mr Crazy Daze sounds like The Kinks before transition into a Rolling Stones vibe which unexpectedly drops into a style reminiscent of The Coral. It's fascinating to hear Jonny act as a musical chameleon and explore these styles while still maintaining his own personal characteristics. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Be sure to visit Jonny by visiting the links below: INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD SPOTIFY


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