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Don't be a Moron, listen to Hychrodome

Nicholas Chiaro is the Staten Islander behind the musical sensation Hychrodome. Chiaro is a passionate musician, vocalist, and producer who is passionate about creative, fun and exciting music for his followers to listen to. Hychrodome’s debut single, “Political Sex” is taken from his debut EP release “Sex is for Morons which was released this Spring. With a perfect mix of Daft Punk, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even a touch of the Beach Boys, this EP, sonically, is everything we’ve been missing. Pushing the boundaries of both music and lyricism, Hychrodome holds nothing back. The EP continues to grab your attention as you travel down the track list, a creative move we assume Nicholas did intentionally. Sex Is For Morons is out via all digital outlets now.

Liberate yourself with these links to more Hychrodome fun:


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