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See you out in the world with Hannya White

The world is an (R) and a (c) Hannya White is a visual artist and music composer from Britain who's approach to music can only be classed as inventively obscene. With a combination of heavy sounds and avant-garde noise engineering, Hannya's world of music is unlike anything else on the market.


I want to take a quick moment to talk about music; or more accurately, ask the question “what is music?” Now sure, this is a stoopid fucking question and you probably have a low-resolution concept of music already. I mean, maybe your concept of music was described to you by your underpaid overqualified high school music teacher. Maybe your definition of music is dictated by a quick google search. Perhaps your conceptual understanding of music is nothing more than auditory sensations which breaks through the wax in yer filthy ear (you should probably wash your ears by the way). Well, let me tell you something about music... Music is a vague term that is often overly simplified and watered down into a tasteless liquid. More often than not, most definitions of music are just backwash ideas which lack character and ooze generic fluid... you would likely get this same definition if you squeezed a pimple on Paul McCartney's cheek. Let me make this fact very clear. Music is the best but the best music will never receive an opportunity for radio play. Consequently, you’ll likely miss the best and get the worst. Why you ask? Because the radio hates you and hates anything that doesn’t conform to simple 4/4 beats lathered in pretentious “oohs”, “ahhhs” and “babys”. You know what I mean right? All that boyband bullshit, rap regurgitation, acoustic folk filth, and heavy metal mundanity have infected the already sick music industry with their catchy diseases (much like you’d expect from a broadway opera about herpes). Unfortunately, the dictionary of mainstream music doesn’t include the words “unique” or “art”, and is instead dripping with curdled cheese between each page. With all that tragedy in mind, let’s kindly draw our collective attention to musicians that still value the art of music, experimentation, and genuine substance. And that nice little segue leads us to Hannya White... With a combination of vivid sound manipulation, atmospheric noise construction, and obscene creative development; Hannya’s music is a feast for your filthy ears (again, you really need to clean your ears but I digress). While Hannya may hail from the Wallace & Gromit country we regular folk know as Britain, her music does NOT conform to any preexisting British stereotypes. If I were your mother, I would recommend you start your journey by listening to Hannya’s composition “Let's Call The Dogs” before trailing into the track “...Mine...”. This will no doubt provide you with a healthy introduction to the vibrant circus she’s creating. Now whether you love it or hate it, I think we can all agree that the adventurous nature of Hannya’s music is more potently creative than most other forms of music... Don’t be sheltered. Go ahead and broaden your musical horizons with the links below: YOUTUBE SOUNDCLOUD BANDCAMP FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER


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