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Darshae Kiér catches us with Halasana Girl

After the bursting success of his single “Translation”, Darshae Kiér is back again with a pop-reggaeton hit called “Halasana Girl”. Released on September 27th, “Halasana Girl” is a fresh mix made for summer-to-fall vibes.  EZ REVIEW:

Songwriter Darshae Kiér dropped in with the track Halasana Girl and yeah... this one is catchy, to say the least.

Anybody who is sick'n'tired of today's ho-hum modern music will be pleasantly surprised by this refreshingly unique work of art. Boasting a combination of eclectic sounds which masterfully meld together, Darshae provides a plethora of noise diversity which clearly aims to utilizes dynamics that are rarely heard in most modern radio music. With that being said, Halasana Girl doesn't shy away from any commercial trends which offer a very listenable experience for those who enjoy energetic electronica pop.  While the conception brags a well rounded and seemingly simple composition structure, there a subtle complexity which lays beneath the surface level.  And who can forget about the hook? I defiantly can't because the thing is so damn catchy that it's got me bopping 24 hours later. 

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