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You'll be DAMNED if you miss ADAM PLANT's new single

If there is such a thing as counter-culture, Adam Plant's work amplifies all of it and pushes a force of artistic darkness. A mephistophelian figure who serves as a lone brutal reminder of music's potential to evoke chaos and hostility. Adam's genre-bending work is a bizarre brew of satire and complexity which holds a distorted mirror to both ourselves and the neurotic perverted society that we created. DAMNED defines itself as a new musical fashion which is unexplored in Adam’s previous releases. With a nostalgic grunge riff and gravelly vocals, Adam captures a style which is both familiar and innovative. Recorded in Brisbane, Italy, and France; Adam has utilized the talent of bass player Andrea Di Fiore, Drummer Nicola D’Adamo, and Guitarist Hoodoo Blonde in order to bring this bop to life.

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