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Comatose Red Ivy will put you in an auditory coma

Comatose Red Ivy AKA Red Redheaded Transgender Dead Zombie Bytch. Woke up a rapper on October 16 2020, cut track for track for track front to back, freestyle, first try every try all my tracks. Betrayed, used, beaten, ridiculed and tormented by love, therefore I only live half alive, I am dead living. I have 7 rapper Personas, 3 in a race for 1st place over Cincinnati and all in top 40 of the country and top 20 of Cincinnati. Hip Hop so easy I'll take 1st 2nd and 3rd place.

Stay up to date and stay awake with the latest Comatose Red Ivy news below: YOUTUBE REVERBNATION SPOTIFY SOUNDCLOUD EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW


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