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By Small Ruin leave ruins of emotion with the monumental track 'Some People'

By Small Ruin’s melodies have reached the edges of the earth as Bryan Mullis’ spontaneous travels and adventurous experiences became a staple of inspiration in his music. By Small Ruin is an anagram for Bryan Mullis, keeping his music and lifestyle as true to self as possible. Busking since high school, he has made his way across the country playing to anyone who listened. His talent and dedication lead to sharing the stage with artists like DAWES, WILD and Briston Maroney. As a teen, one of Bryan’s favorite activities with his friends was climbing water towers and hanging upside down from the top by only their knees. Bryan was notorious for doing what he wanted, when he wanted, including sneaking out of his parent’s house and hitch-hiking a 10-hour ride to Florida to surprise his girlfriend on the beach. More recently, Bryan’s brother almost lost his life in a car accident. Dealing with those feelings inspired his musical journey that brought him unforetold adventures. He often tells the story of being attacked in a convenience store which “lead to a full-fledged movie-like fight that included knocking over shelves and throwing beer bottles. The store was destroyed.” From waking up to SWAT teams thinking the band’s van was owned by a nearby active shooter, to unexpectedly playing a nudist pool party of 100+ people, BSR’s thrilling lifestyle is certainly rendered in their music and performance. OFFICIAL EZ REVIEW: Yet another emotional journey portrayed through songwriter Bryan Mullis' nonpareil brand of raw music. The latest track 'Some People' is harrowing, haunting, and poignant yet variegated with a sense of optimism for the future. Musically speaking, there’s a lot to be appreciated. Much like Bryan’s other compositions, 'Some People' appropriately complements the sentimental lyrical themes using a modish and pertinent soundscape. From a personal perspective, I would likely compare many of the musical tones to that of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' Californication. However, there seems to be a more authentic sophistication behind By Small Ruins. All and all, It's clear that Bryan Mullis and By Small Ruins treat songwriting as a vehicle for both storytelling and emotional reflection; something not often seen in the current music industry.  --- Be sure to find By Small Ruin on Facebook or drop 'em a line on Instagram Below are some links for you to keep up with By Small Ruins Official Website Spotify SoundCloud YouTube SOME PEOPLE LYRICS: Cast my lot The only one that can take a shot By myself a lot I'm all alone, but I'm all I got

And there's a growing trend Some people want me to just give in But I got news my friend Some people will never box me in

Take you down a notch Damned if you do, damned if you do not You know it's all a game to them I'm gonna win it, rob them blind

And there's a growing trend Some people want me to just give in But I got news my friend Some people will never box me in

The less you give it, the more it takes And unless you live it, it will fade away Write it off to 'my head's in the clouds', it can plague some people Lighters up in a room with a crowd, let me find my people. The more you give it, the less it takes And until I live it, I won't go away

There's a growing trend Some people want me to just give in But I got news my friend Some people will never box me in


Some people want me to just give in Oh, but I got news Some people will never box me in They'll never box me in


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