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Stuck in Retro Paradise with Gabriel Brasco

Gabriel Bertozzi Alfaro, better known by his stage name Gabriel Brasco, is a young Costa Rican music producer and multi-instrumentalist. As a child, he starts learning how to play the guitar, inspired by his favorite band, Nirvana. Years later, Gabriel started studying sound engineering and music production, so as learning other musical instruments, with the purpose of being able to create his own personal musical project. In the beginning, he started doing music by calling himself "Galfazzi", pursuing influences based on his roots. In this period of time, Gabriel released his first EP album, "Black Cat" (which is only available on YouTube). After a while, he changes his artistic name to "Gabriel Brasco", leaving behind the old name... This is when he decides to experiment with other types of musical textures, ending up having a sort of "Lo-fi Psych Pop" kind of aesthetic, by doing psychedelic stuff, mixed up with lo-fi indie pop. In January 19, 2018 he releases his first LP album, "Bittersweet", recorded on Gabriel's old record label, "Blueberry Pie Records" Recently on September 11, 2020 he released his second LP album, "Nowhere Boy", under his new label name "6A Studio", with a special collaboration from the artist, Tony Marí, on one of the songs.

Fun fact for synthmaniacs and audio nerds: Nowhere Boy's musical textures were created with a classic Yamaha DX7 synthesizer and the TAL-U-NO-LX plug-in (JUNO-60 synthesizer simulator)


The year 2020 is an ugly place. On one hand, we’ve got a killer virus openly killing people. On the other hand, we’ve got digital devices secretly killing people. If only we could step back to a simpler time... maybe around 1985? The bad news is we can’t. The good news is we can pretend with the magic of imagination... you know, using that thing we sometimes call a "brain". Lucky for us we don’t need to try very hard to imagine a world in the 80s with help from our pal GABRIEL BRASCO. His mellow retro-electro vibes flow like jello, tastes like expresso, and cures the depresso. Nonsensical rhyming aside, the music is actually pretty damn good. Take a listen and I'm sure you'll agree that it lovingly manipulates all the best portions of yesteryears sounds and genetically modifies them with a tasty personality... And let's be honest, that's something we all need right now. The music bizniz is in a dire rut and everybody is in a tired rush to copy everyone elses sound... Not Gabriel. Gabriel is here to be Gabriel and make music that captures a sound that is unique to Gabriel. On that note, I recommend you put down your digital hang ups, crack open a can of New Coke and crank the boombox with his latest album NOWHERE BOY. NOWHERE BOY is an 8 track long album which is a fitting length for an album that sounds like it should be printed on an 8-track cassette tape (or maybe I'm just reading into it, I don't know anymore). Nevertheless, this shit is bouncing with thicc funk beats, slow jazz distortions and a plethora of diversity that will surely make you sweat (in a good way of course). Tracks like "Paradise" and "Una Lucha" drop deep into emotional depths while other tunes such as "Point of View" or the title track "Nowhere Boy" add a much-needed level of uptempo elation. Finally, here are a few times when you should definitely listen to this album: 1. When you're happy 2. When you're sad 3. When you're angry 4. When you're eating 5. When you're bored 6. When you're angry at your mom 7. When you're in the bathroom 8. When you're not in the bathroom CLICK HERE TO CHECK HIM OUT


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