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Color your world with American Watercolor Movement

American Watercolor Movement draws us into a world all their own. With looping beats and a unique lyrical mutability, their songs appeal to our senses—imparting stories of lust, longing, traveling, searching—and we willingly submit to the highs and lows of their design.

American Watercolor Movement began in 1998 as an experimental musical concept, evolving out of various musings and eclectic sounds. Their powerful live performances—an integrated fury of music, film, and dance—have seamlessly engaged and captivated their audiences over the years. The band supported artists such as Adam Franklin (Swervedriver), Dean and Britta (Luna), Dragons of Zynth, and Silver Apples to name a few. American Watercolor Movement released 3 full length CDs, 3 EPs and played extensively before taking a hiatus. In late 2020 American Watercolor Movement released three separate volumes of unreleased music entitled, Rooftops, Rifles, and Honey. Their latest release for 2022, The Shithouse Opera is a collection of unreleased and previous recordings assembled as four acts of The Shithouse Opera.

American Watercolor Movement is currently comprised of Jason Cieradkowski, Brian Wilson, John Fesken, Joe Centeno, Tom Barrett, and Mark Townsend.

Be sure to check in with American Watercolor Movement by following the links below: OFFICIAL WEBSITE SPOTIFY FACEBOOK


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