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Visionary Composer Øystein David Hits Back With Genre-Bending EP

Modern Composer and multi-instrumentalist Øystein David is a singular musical figure who represents an experimental combination of art and science. His disparate influences of avant-garde classical music, jazz, and classic rock blur seamlessly into a dynamic creative force which compliment David's ability to arrange complex yet catchy compositions. In David's own words, "I’ve kind of tried to create music that I wish there was more of, music with a firm foothold in both classical and rhythmic/band (rock, jazz etc.) music. Something that combines the rhythmic drive of jazz and rock music with the thoughtful development of thematic ideas characteristic of classical music. In short, my music is a blend of classical and band music."

The debut EP “Pilgrim” by Norwegian Composer Øystein David dropped in late 2021 and we’re excited to finally indulge in this auditory experience.

A quick wander through Øystein David’s back catalog is enough to understand that this is extremely sophisticated music. David does everything that isn’t supposed to happen yet he clearly understands the conventional aspects which build most contemporary compositions. He fuses together genres and styles that typically do not blend together. He uses flamboyant melodies, vibrant interludes, and often challenging rhythms to generate an inventive design of left-field musical genius.

Funk-drenched, groove-driven, and baptized in Jazz; Pilgrim proves that no sound is out of David’s reach. With an unstoppable flow of energy combined with a knack for complex musical arrangements, David’s inimitable style shines through his genre-defying compositions and ultimately forms a coherent yet unexpected EP.

The opening track “Nova” is a perfect introduction to the Pilgrim album experience and acts as an eccentric grand opening spectacular- something that all decent albums deserve. Building and turning, rising and twisting; Nova whets the audience’s appetite and crashes down with a climactic peak that could rattles bones.

However, I can’t stress enough that Nova is more than just a scene-setter… Nova is its own small musical story. From the opening horn segment to the final chaotic second, David uses his musical proficiency to guide the audience through this surreal instrumental journey.

All in all, David does an exceptional job at creating character-driven compositions that harbor a dramatic flair. While not as musically emotional or romantic as other composers, David leans further towards Edgard Varese-esque unconventionality while maintaining a firm focus on reoccurring melodic segments and epic soundscapes.

Although, David’s work has some moments of seemingly overwhelming complexity, his ability to establish these intricate rhythms from minimalistic segments is a wonderfully unique power that acts as a captivating driving force of his music.

While David’s work seems to value eccentric creativity over radio accessibility, David has formed a particular style that maintains a firm grip on listenability. Lesser artists would have become lost within the strange soundscapes. Instead, this unexpected design seems to have been easy for Øystein David.

While elaborate musical tangents are a staple of David’s music, it’s definitely not the only characteristic that defines his sound. From whichever side of music you are coming from, Nova is an easy composition to embrace. It is a maelstrom of rock groove, jazzy bass, triumphant trumpets, and the untamed grit of David’s arrangement style.

Whether you believe that David is an experienced genius or an experimental madman, it’s clear that he is most comfortable when he plays by his own rules. Both the track Nova and Pilgrim as a whole emphasize the expressive and unconventional process that makes David’s music so unbelievably exciting. Keep up to date with Øystein David by visiting the links below: OFFICIAL WEBSITE SPOTIFY


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