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Drawing from influences in black metal, classic rock, EDM, and experimental genres, Dexter Black, a visionary producer hailing from Brisbane, infuses each musical endeavor with a unique and artistic perspective. Merging cutting-edge audio editing technologies with a rich reservoir of firsthand expertise, Dexter meticulously employs mixing and mastering techniques to craft an unparalleled soundscape, brimming with vibrant richness.


Rooted in formal education at SAE [Brisbane] and fueled by a lifelong passion for classical and contemporary sounds, Dexter's approach to sound engineering is a seamless blend of academic knowledge and artistic appreciation. Over the course of his career, Dexter has applied his skills to an array of bands, artists, filmmakers, and diverse projects. This journey has afforded him the opportunity to delve into meticulous explorations of various genres. In 2022, Dexter took the next step in his musical journey, founding his own mixing and mastering studio where he remains dedicated to crafting both personal and commercial works.


Dexter Black Studio is currently accepting new clients, boasting state-of-the-art industry equipment such as Avid Pro Tools and Ableton. Furthermore, Dexter extends the opportunity for significantly reduced rates specifically tailored for student projects.

Dexter Black Studio Card.jpg

Dexter Black Can be contacted by email:

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