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 With foundations based in black metal, classic rock, EDM, and experimental; Brisbane-based producer Dexter Black brings an innovative and artistic perspective to each musical project. Combining the best audio editing technologies with a wealth of firsthand experience, Dexter’s mixing and mastering techniques create an inimitable soundscape of lush vibrancy. 


Dexter’s approach to sound engineering stems from his formal education at SAE [Brisbane] as well as his lifelong appreciation of classical and contemporary sounds. Within his career, Dexter has leant his skills to various bands, artists, filmmakers, and projects. Through out these years, Dexter has been able to explore genre after genre in meticulous detail. In 2022, Dexter established his mixing&mastering studio [Dexter's Lab] where he continues to produce both personal & commercial works.


Dexter's Lab is current open for new clients and is fitted with the best industry equipment available including Avid Pro Tools. Additionally, Dexter offers significantly reduced rates for Student Projects.

Dexter can be contacted by email: